All the Pre Launch Feels


As my mind raced last night, I thought I’d scribble down some words, to share on Blackwood Crossing launch day!  A studio head’s perspective … It’s the night before launch and I’m thinking of nothing else but Blackwood Crossing. It’s consumed our lives for two years now, and it’s finally going to be out there in the public’s hands. And it’s …

The Sibling Bond


At the core of Blackwood Crossing is the relationship of siblings Finn and Scarlett. It’s been absolutely crucial for us to create a connection that’s believable and engaging. And thankfully everyone who’s experienced the game has felt it, and say they’re enchanted by how real the connection is. Here we examine their bond in more detail.   THE UPS AND DOWNS …

Finessing Finn

Finn Treehouse

Now we’ve checked out Scarlett in more detail we can turn our attention to her little brother Finn. Ten-year-old Finn is the player’s driving force through the Blackwood Crossing adventure. It’s safe to say he plays a pivotal role 🙂   INTRODUCTION So, alongside Scarlett, we had considered a few different options for him – a show off; a mad …

Bringing Scarlett to Life


It’s time to dig deeper into Blackwood Crossing’s main protagonists, Scarlett and Finn. Firstly to Scarlett, who our players control throughout. We’ll look at what we knew about Scarlett from the beginning, and how her personality and her in-game look developed over time.   WHAT WE KNEW Getting the game’s two main characters into our world took time – we knew that to …

Finn and Scarlett – Character Creation


Inventing people is a complicated business. Where do you start? It’s a good question! Not so very long ago Scarlett and Finn were a blank page – a figment of our imagination. It’s a strange thought, as we approach the end of Blackwood Crossing’s development, and get ready to say goodbye and send them out into the world. So, we …

Introducing … Ben Mowson


Ben, our Environment Artist reveals his deepest, darkest secrets. Including his desire to send PaperSeven’s Art Director into space! I like his honesty 🙂 Click on the link above to read his answers in full…

PaperSeven – Indie Studio or Indie Band?!


If we were to try our hand at being a (slightly ageing) indie band, maybe this would be our album cover?!  It was the headline shot from a feature on the studio, written by Kotaku. It’s moments like these that you sit back and take stock of what you’ve achieved as a studio. And the exciting potential of where we’re going …

Introducing … Matt Aldridge!


Next up in our Behind the Scenes features is our Character Artist, Matt Aldridge (click the title above to read Matt’s answers in full). Matt quietly and confidently goes about his days bringing life to our games’ characters. But looking at his phobias he seems most comfortable with people on screen 😉     See you next week – have a lovely weekend! x

Here’s to 2017


1st January 2017… always a date that makes me smile. Even with the blurs of NYE celebrations. A blank canvas, a clean slate, a whole 12 months / 52 weeks / 365 days / 525,600 minutes of newness. This year is especially exciting as it means the release of Blackwood Crossing is at last ahead of us. But the last twelve months have …

Introducing…Oliver Reid-Smith!


First up in our Behind the Scenes features is our Writer and Designer, Oliver Reid-Smith (click the title above to read Olly’s answers in full). Oliver previously wrote for Fireproof’s mystery puzzle series, The Room, and has worked as a Designer on several big name games, such as the Burnout series. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and say hello… …